Taff Ely Indoor Bowls Centre

Taff Ely Indoor Bowls Centre

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 Good morning to you all,

It is with great regret, that Judith Wason and myself will be leaving our posts as Honourable Treasurer and Secretary and at our AGM at April 2023. We both find the positions should be took forward with new people at the helm. We have both been wanting to resign for a good time, but had not found anybody willing to take over these positions.
Personally, I have been both the Treasurer and Secretary, (and other positions within our Club) for many years, and I think now is the time for someone else to take the reins. We will both be available to help, and show the new position holders the tasks to be undertaken.
If no one is willing to take up these positions, then sadly the Taff Ely IBC will not be able to function. So please come forward, so we can train and coach you, to take over after our AGM April.
Kind regards, Judith and Colin

Our bowls centre was opened in 1988, and it was converted from an old railway goods yard, (more info on our history page).  We only have a three-rink stadium, but this makes the atmosphere more cosy and friendly.   We currently have approximately 120 members, but are always keen to welcome more.  

Bowls is a sport that can be played equally by any sex, age or ability.  So if you wish to join, or just have a trial, contact us, or call in and give it a try.

Give Bowls a Try. 




Our Phone Number is

01443 491952



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Taff Ely Indoor Bowls Centre


Prices For Season 2021 - 2022

Yearly Club Membership Subscriptions is £40.00 

Locker rentals (per year) are £3.00, (£5.00 for non-members).

Rink fees are £4.00 per two-hour session, £16 per team in league games (£32 in total)Non-members are charged £1 extra per hour (£6 for two hours) for social bowling. But only players registered, can play in our leagues, as per 'Point one' in our Centre Rules section.

Prices agreed at the SGM in September 2022 Committee Meeting. This was due to the extra costs of our energy payments 

Thank you, and happy enjoyable bowling.


Check out our six new Sponsors, in our Sponsors section and see our new logos. These will be on our new shirts from this season.

Thank you all very much.


We can hold Corporate Events or Parties.  If you wish to book or use our facilities, please call in and have a look, or contact us at the Bowls Centre:

             Tel: 01443 491952        e:  taffelyindoorbowls@btconnect.com



10.00am - 10.30pm



 (MAR - SEP)

Tuesday 10.00am - 2.00pm 

Wednesday   10.00am - 12.00pm

Friday  10.00am - 2.00pm

Unfortunately, we have had to stop the social bowling on Thursdays.

This is due to lack of bowlers booking rinks. 


We have a three rink stadium here in Pontypridd, and run eight internal leagues throughout the winter months.  So if you would like to try out this sport, or have a game, please contact the Indoor Bowls Stadium.


 We encourage people of all ages and abilities to come and play bowls, or just pop in and have some refreshments. You will be given a warm welcome from the Stadium Manager and bar staff, who will only be too glad to give you details.

 Meet Lorraine Bailyes, our Centre manager.